Transportation of goods by rail

Transportation of goods by rail

ATK Terminal is a highly professional command of the experts working in the field of a cargo transportation on the territory of Russia, the Near and far Abroad. Being the reliable partner with a reasonable price policy, the company realizes transportation by rail of loads in containers. We are always ready to offer delivery of any volumes at the highest level in precisely discussed periods.

One of the most demanded and popular types of delivery of goods and other loads – rail transportation. Having addressed to us, you will be able to select the direction interesting you among whom the most popular is China. It is connected to that development of this country wasn't influenced by the period of a world economic crisis. We realize all types of overland transportations, but the most convenient, with a large number of routes, the small cost and timely delivery is container rail transportation.

Organization of transportation of goods by rail

There is a wish to mark that the competent organization of railway transportation of loads requires mandatory experience and a certain knowledge of specifics of functioning of the railroad. Specialists of the company own all necessary knowledge and possess sufficient experience ideally to coordinate all routes and to deliver a load to the destination precisely in the periods discussed by the contract. Much attention is paid to design of documentation, procedures of passing of customs monitoring, a right choice of layout and stacking of loads, beginning from free-flowing and finishing with combined loads.

Our company is always ready to offer a full complex of the services connected to transportation of loads on a long distance in different directions. We properly will deliver any dangerous, perishable or bulky goods to any destination in the most optimum periods for reasonable prices.

Rail transportation in many situations - the unique favorable delivery system from east regions of loads and goods in comparison with other means of transport: automobile, sea or air. The railroad in this case - the universal type of transport which can be combined with other types of transportation conveniently. We have perfectly adjusted diagram of operation which we successfully apply for many years. Address to us at any convenient time, and we with guarantee will deliver your loads in integrity and full safety to the specified destination on the most favorable conditions.

Rail transportation in many situations - the unique favorable delivery system from east regions of loads and goods

по сравнению с другими видами транспорта: автомобильным, морским или воздушным. Железная дорога в этом случае - универсальный вид перевозки, которую можно удобно совмещать с другими видами транспортировки. У нас существует прекрасно налаженная схема работы, которую мы успешно применяем в течение многих лет. Обращайтесь к нам в любое удобное время, и мы гарантированно доставим ваши грузы в целостности и полной сохранности до указанного места назначения на самых выгодных условиях.

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