Sea shipping

Sea shipping

Primary benefit of the ATK Terminal company is existence of big park of sea containers worldwide that significantly reduces the cost of delivery of your goods.

Shipping – option of transportation of loads, optimum at the price, of a long distance. Today also other means of transport are widespread, but shipping don't lose the popularity. It agrees to different data, about 95% of all transportations of loads are carried out exactly by sea.

We use the best efforts in order that a sea international cargo transportation turned out convenient and favorable to you. Logisticians and other specialists of the organization have the advanced knowledge gained on trainings and seminars in the international transport companies of rather different aspects of shipping. Addressing to us, you can be sure that with your load will be everything is all right, and that you won't spend spare cash.



  • We organize a sea cargo transportation in the following directions: Europe, Africa, America, East Asia.
  • We realize intra port forwarding.
  • We make customs design.
  • We deliver a load to the addressee's door.
  • We make out certificates, allowing documentation.

The Terminal is a principal direction of a company performance of ATK delivery of departures from Southeast Asia. We undertake to provide you the most favorable conditions of cooperation and we hope for long-term partnership. Delivery in the direction interesting you will be realized most quickly.

Primary benefits of container transportations

Sea container transportation has many advantages in comparison with other options of transportation of loads. Among them:

  • support of stable storage conditions of a load (temperature indexes, protection against mechanical damages);
  • the goods overload from the container in case of change of the vessel isn't required – to move to the container enough the filled capacity from one vessel on another;
  • available cost.

Ordering in us sea container transportation, you as much as possible save and you have an opportunity to select combinations of different types of transport for delivery in a terminal point.

Why we?

The ATK Terminal company provides to the clients a full range of services in the sphere of the international sea cargo transportation. We accurately plan process and we guarantee you harmonious, high-quality, operational execution of the order.

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