Motor transportation

Motor transportation

An automobile cargo transportation is the most convenient, safe and floppy method of delivery of production and things on any distances. Our company is engaged in the organization of transportation of goods of a full stroke that includes transportation of departure from point "A" in point "B", the thought-over logistics, document creation, consultation on any questions.

of Feature of service

Within rendering of services on automobile freight transportation we:

  • We make a route and we optimize it.
  • We provide transport and we realize its complete set.
  • We trace a load – if you need to learn, where exactly there is your departure, simply call us, and we will provide the relevant information.
  • We prepare documents – surely full packet, irrespective of range of a trip. When as it should be documents – that and affairs go well.
  • We assume the solution of any questions connected to the organization of a cargo transportation a motor transport – that is rent the porozhnykh of containers, support of their tightness, seal, return.

Options of delivery are possible any: from point on a warehouse or from port on a warehouse. In preliminary coordination the overload on any other type of transport is carried out.

Within implementation of transportation of goods the automotive vehicles responding European standards are used:

  • awning vehicles
  • containers;
  • refrigerators;
  • barges.

Available there is a transport for oversized or perishable goods, combined constructions. We approach transportation of dangerous loads especially attentively and we are guided by operating normative documents. Machines with such loads are marked properly. Package of dangerous substances is carried out according to GOST.

operation Geography

ATK company performance geography the Terminal is very extensive and provides possibility of delivery across Russia and Moscow, in Europe, China. We try to act not simply quickly, and very quickly, doing everything possible in order that your departure as soon as possible arrived to point of finite assignment. Our managers provide all possible nuances that the load came to a place to integrities and safety.

Cost of services

The exact price of service can be learned, having addressed to phone managers or having filled in the special form on our site. It depends on the mass of factors like type and the volume of a load, urgency of performance of work. Ring – and we will always help!

On all questions also address by phones provided below or order a free call

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