Modernization of containers

Modernization of containers

A wide choice of options of exterior and internal finish allows to change containers and to do them indistinguishable from usual buildings.

It is possible to manufacture the container under the equipment which is already available taking into account its dimensions and features. Thus you will secure property against adverse climatic conditions and against encroachments of vandals. The container for placement of the equipment will make yours automobile repair shop or mounting mobile, and you will be able to transport at any time business on a new place with the minimum expenses. Besides, always there is an opportunity to replace a kind of activity and completely to convert a module container.

It is possible to design and manufacture containers of various standard size under gas station, stations of water purification, diesel generators, mini-combined heat and power plant and any other equipment of container type.

Design of containers

The 3D model prepared by us will help you to gain an evident impression how the construction will look. At works it is necessary to be guided GOST, CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS and other obligatory regulations.

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