Sale of container

Sale of container

In order that it is correct to organize transportation of goods from abroad and, having passed all customs terminals, timely to bring him to the addressee, in addition to the railway and motor transport and customs cleaning cargo containers in which different loads will be transported are necessary. In this regard at once there is a question: how to buy and where to order containers at the favorable prices? Everything is extremely simple, our company makes sale of containers at the most attractive prices. Here you can acquire the specialized transport equipment which possesses a number of indisputable advantages.

First of all, there is a combining of separate separate units or industrial packages in one rigid container in which their security from damage or loss in travel time increases, and operations on cargo handling are at the same time facilitated. Considerably expenses of transportation of goods and loads in domestic markets decrease, time for transport unloading in a place of finite assignment is reduced.

Now sale of containers provides unique chance to acquire this universal unit of the transport specialized equipment of repeated use allowing to realize more economic method transportations and cargo delivery. We offer at the most favorable prices elimination of inventories from a warehouse – cargo rigid containers of the different tonnage. The prices of the provided containers pleasantly will surprise you. In addition to low cost, for wholesale buyers we provided additional discounts. You only need to communicate with us by the offered phones or on the site and to issue purchase.

You can buy from us containers of different types:

  • the most popular compact, well protected which are ideally inscribed in transportation conditions in trucks – containers of 3 tons;
  • more thick-walled, with absolute flexibility in transportation – containers of 5 tons;
  • for transportation of goods, and also as a coach of a change house or a small warehouse – containers 20 foot;
  • for large-size loads, safely protected and strong – containers 40 foot.

We provided service of long-term rent in any region of the Russian Federation, Europe, India, China and Korea. For the most checked and reliable method of transportation cargo containers are a fine choice. They give the chance of a choice of transport, reusable use, are suitable for storage of loads, and different overall dimensions for each type of the transported production allow to pick up necessary unit.

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