Types of transport containers

Types of transport containers

Containers – the most popular type of capacities for transportation of goods. They allow quickly, simply and with support of the necessary protection level to make delivery of goods (food, medicines and even cars) to huge distances with a combination of various types of transport. They are perfectly set on motor, railway and sea transport, don't require any special conditions of transportation, and their loading is carried out by means of the most normal easels with ropes, or special frames.

Any modern cargo container represents certain unit of the transport equipment for repeated use which can be used for transportation, and also storage of loads of different types, forms and the sizes. Thus containers provide all operations with loads without the intermediate overloads as all goods placed inside move and transported together with tare.

Now cargo containers are provided in the market in huge assortment, and therefore problems with selection of a certain type for transportation of goods with guarantee won't arise. There are low-tonnage (mass gross of the maximum 1,25 tons), medium-tonnage (1,25-5 tons gross) and large-capacity (more than 5 and to 30 tons) containers. Thus different containers 20 of a futova of other types can have as metal, so drevesnometallichesky and even plastic execution. Forms of section of containers I can also be different, including rectangular and spherical.

According to the destination these products can be divided into two groups: the universal and specialized. The first option as it is possible to judge from the name, is applied to transportation of the most different loads, regardless of their characteristics. If to speak about specialized containers, they already from plant are prepared for transportation of a certain type of loads (for example, the container tank, the container platform, the refrigerator container). On construction the tare for transportation of loads can be open and closed, waterproof and not hermetic, with a frame, or without it (plastic).

Cargo containers – one of the best options for transportation of different goods on any distances with the minimum expenses of finance and time. They perfectly protect loads, can easily be loaded and unloaded on any transport.

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