Features of 40 foot containers

Features of 40 foot containers

When the speech comes about transportation of large volume of cargoes within loading range on the considerable distances, it is simple not to do without specialized technique and the equipment. In particular, containers of the increased capacity are actively used to these purposes, for example, which length makes 40 foots. It is the unit of reusable use having rugged frame construction, sheathed by thick metal with the gate and locking elements ensuring safety of a load inside.

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The modern container (40f.) – reliable construction which is suitable for storage and transportation of loads on different types of transport, beginning from normal trucks and finishing with the ships, as the universal, and container carriers. Thanks to the prevalence and popularity containers, 40 foots long, today even are accepted by a unit of measure in case of execution of a cargo transportation – 2TEU.

Using a strong and reliable type of capacities for loads to which the 40-foot container is , it is possible to transport loads:

  • different types
  • sizes
  • assignments

Beginning from foodstuff and finishing with production of manufacturing enterprises. In any of versions of the characteristic of these products allow to ensure safety of the transported loads, excepting their damages, influence of a set of negative factors, including temperature overfalls and hit of an atmospheric precipitation. Walls, a floor and shutters of gate are executed from high-strength materials, and therefore to containers in power to withstand any loadings, both internal, and external.

Special equipment for the container

In addition on each 40-foot container the special equipment which will help to support a certain temperature condition inside can be installed. It is very convenient, especially when transporting food, medical preparations, household appliances and even cars on long distances.

The strong and reliable 40-foot container – the modern 12-meter capacity which is ideally suited for today's conditions of transportation of loads. Such containers can be transported any transport, they are safely fixed and are completely protected from external influence. Besides, they are supported by all world cargo carriers, and therefore even in transit with their help of loads at the international level of problems won't arise.

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