Open Top

In modern cargo transport branch open top the containers relating to separate type of installations of a special purpose start being in more and more wide demand. They differ from standard container in existence of a special roof design - she acts that significantly simplifies a problem of loading of not dimension. As a roof tarpaulin, an awning and other flexible materials are involved. Hard Top, or a rigid roof which is also removed, can be used, but it meets much less often.

The floor is equipped from wood, and a wall - from steel (metal with a corrugation is usually used). It allows to guarantee the maximum protection of the transported freight during its transportation.

Container Open Top: scopes of application

Open top containers are involved for transportation the negarabaritnykh, the heavy, special freights unsuitable for loading by any of standard ways. The design of such container includes rigid removable crossbeams which simplify loading process. Containers with a soft removable roof an ideal choice for implementation of the international remote transport.

Why open top?

Open a top it is easy to explain a demand. First, the price of transportations in them turns out rather low the platform or the gondola car cost to the customer significantly dearer. Secondly, the container is universal and can be equipped with any load gripping adaptations. It is possible to immerse in Open a top freights through an end face (there are special doors) or a roof (which acts).

Among other advantages of container:

  • high mobility and, respectively, minimum idle time;
  • is absent transfers (open top suits for all means of transport);
  • possibility of installation on one platform at the same time two containers;
  • minimum risks of mechanical damages.

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