Flat Rack

You have heavy bulky goods, and you do not know how quickly to deliver it in the necessary point? Containers - here the answer to your question. Container installations - the best option for storage and delivery of specialized goods to any distances, including remote routes. If freight has nonstandard dimensions, big weight, use the container for its transportation of Flat Rack.

Flat-Rack: application

On FR containers usually transport specialized and the construction equipment. Boiler inventory, mini-plants, transformers, substations - not primely to transport them on the considerable distances, but only not in case you have an express container for these purposes.

40-foot Flat Rack steel products, pipes are irreplaceable for transportation of forest products, concrete goods of any sizes. To minimize scratches of damage of freight, frameworks, cartridges, Racks, conics and other fixtures are used.

Features and types Flat-Rack of containers

The container a Flat-Rack - the peculiar modification having a platform appearance without roof and sidewalls but with boards from face parts. Borta it is possible to throw back, facilitating thereby a problem of realization of loading and unloading works. Between sides installation of removable beams which are fixed along a design is possible and give a necessary rigidity of a design during transportation. Platform floor material - boards, multilayer plywood, obligatory is a covering express structure for protection against fire.

Face walls happen fixed and developing. Depending on concrete design features of this or that installation, it fall into the corresponding category.

Advantages Flat-Rack containers

Thanks to this category of technique transportation of any freights, including krupnoobjemny and oversized without their preliminary dismantling is possible. As a result the customer saves time and forces, automating production.

FR 40 is convenient at involvement of several means of transport within a route - freight is simply rearranged from the train on the car, from the plane on the vessel and so on. For facilitation of this task the hoisting gear is used. Each Flat Rack goes with express fixtures are an emphasis, couplers, chains.

Transportation by the FR container is necessary?

Our company can organize it for reasonable price for you. We have solid experience in the sphere of transportation of goods of all types and we know how to make everything quickly, correctly and cheap. The wide range of padding services is provided to customers.

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