45 foot

What is in the container used for exercise of freight transportation? Let's not play a cunning trick if we tell that parameters - that is the sizes, weight, dimensions. In this regard is optimum 45 foot which allows to transport freights of any volumes. If you are interested in large-size transportations, 20 foot will be insufficiently - better to make a choice for 45 foot containers.

Selection: important points

At a container choice for transportation of freight it is necessary to look not only at its category, but also at a number of padding parameters. They cause particular distinctions between containers - let and slight, but in some cases important. Among important nuances to which it is necessary to pay attention, are allocated:

  • the size of a doorway is a significant index at loading unloading of bulky/heavy/express goods;
  • containment of container;
  • weight characteristics (are defined on net and gross).

On average the mass of the container on 45 foots should not exceed 5 tons.

The benefits of 45 feet

As it is not difficult to guess proceeding from the aforesaid, the container on 45 foots is an excellent choice for commission of a constant cargo transportation of the considerable volumes. It is mobile, reliable, capacious - not for nothing according to characteristics it often compare to semi-trailers. If you plan to use container regularly, it can be got, for commission of transportations it is more favorable to lease containers from time to time.

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