About company

About company

The ATK Terminal company is a command of professionals in the field of a cargo transportation which offers services of container transportations and implementation of containers in Russia, the Near and far Abroad.

Processes of sale, purchase, rent and delivery of containers allowed us to sharpen more than 5 years of joint harmonious operation faultlessly. In spite of the fact that our head office settles down in St. Petersburg, we quickly and without failures sell, we acquire and we deliver containers from Moscow to Vladivostok, and also effectively and successfully we work in Europe, China and the CIS countries.

In addition to primary activity on sale and rent of containers, we also render adjacent services:

Why it is necessary to work with us?

  • ATK Terminal is the reliable partner . We build long-term communications, but we don't pursue momentary advantage. For this reason our partners are always glad to work with us again and again.

  • ATK Terminal is reasonable prices . In most cases we do the most favorable sentence in your region.

  • ATK Terminal is a personal price policy . Your call is only the beginning of talk. We attentively estimate conditions of each delivery, and in most cases we can make our proposal even more favorable.

  • ATK Terminal is there are more than 5 years collaboration. The staff of our company is professionals in the field of container transportations. We don't make mistakes of beginners on periods or terms of delivery, and efficiency and the sharpened diagram of design of the transaction - pledge of that we process requests in day of the address.

  • ATK Terminal is quality, volumes and speed of deliveries . In each region ALREADY there are our containers of type necessary to you. New or second-hand, it is enough to you to sound to us the wishes through the form of the request or by phone - and we will resolve your issue in kratchashy period.

All this does us to one of the leading companies on sales of containers not only in St. Petersburg and Northwest region, but also across all Russia.

On all questions also address by phones provided below or order a free call

+7 (812) 332-52-32+7 (812) 332-52-32

+7 (495) 662-58-38+7 (495) 662-58-38