Tank container

Tank container

The tank container is the container tank of a cylindrical form equipped with drain fittings and devices for unloading both under pressure, and under gravity. The tank is fixed by means of the frame elements making an integral part of the container.

The tank container is intended for transportations of some loose products, the liquefied gases and liquids. Therefore the vast majority of containers tanks is used in the fuel, power, chemical and food industry.

Tanks correspond to the basic transport module of 20 foots (TEU standard) therefore, as well as all standardized containers, 20-foot the tank containers are successfully used in multimodal transportations. Their use allows to deliver freight from a door to a door without modulation that ensures safety of transportation and its increased safety. Tariffs for transportation the tank container are by rail lower, than on transportation in cars tanks. But also, after delivery the problem of storage of liquid or loose freight is solved: it can be used as a mobile warehouse.

What can be transported freight in the tank container?

Further the main products transported in such special container are given.

industrial production products

  • the loose and granulated substances
  • the liquefied gases
  • solutions
  • oil
  • oils
  • acids
  • greasings
  • greasings

products of the food industry:

  • food additives
  • milk
  • oils
  • mineral waters
  • wine, beer, vodka, cognac (other containing alcohol)
  • the fruit concentrated juice

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