Change houses and specialcontainers

Change houses and specialcontainers

For a cargo transportation of a number of categories like loose, not dimension, the liquid, demanding special storage conditions, special containers are used. They have such sizes and designs which do possible convenient loading of things or goods, are equipped with the special locking and fixing systems providing reliable fixing of freight during transportation.

You need the services of such a container, but you do not know where to go for help? Of course, our company ATK Terminal, where available presents special containers of all categories - for Open and Hard Top is Bulk.

What do we offer you?

The help in planning and implementation of transportation of goods by rail, I exhaust, to air, highways and hire of container installations. You will find the most demanded types of special containers which can be interesting to you in the catalog. Among them:

  • Open top (or OT) – volume 20 i40 foots, a soft awning and open top. Loading goes or from above, or through face doors;
  • Hard top (or HT) – container specialized installation with a metal roof which if necessary is removed. Is ideally suited for loading of not dimension;
  • Flat rack – a platform of open type with spaciousness on 20,40 foots. It is optimum for transportation of bulky, heavy goods;
  • Double door (or DD) – container capacity with doors on both sides. Existence of a large number of doors in different parts of a design considerably facilitates carrying out loading and discharging;
  • Side door (or SD) – the door in this container settles down in side part, but not from an end face. A side door – the best option for loading of cargoes within loading range. SD is often used for the organization of warehouse platforms;
  • bulk ships (other name bulk) are involved for transportation, storage of freights of loose category. They go with a face door and additional hatches.

To examine features and conditions of the order of each option in more detail you can according to the catalog. We sell new specialcontainers and what were in the use, but are in fine technical condition, and cost much cheaper.

to Cooperate with us – it is favorable!

Turning to our company, you can expect a high level of service and competitive prices. All containers that are firm ATK Terminal offers its customers are in good condition and can be rented right now.

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