Regrigerated container

Regrigerated container

The sea refrigerator container - the ideal decision for transportation and temporary storage of those freights which need observance of the set thermomode. It is possible to support temperature indicators in container in the wide range (installation of parameters is carried out taking into account the customer's wishes) - from minus of 30 to plus of 30 degrees. If the refrigeration unit in any the moment isn't necessary, it is perhaps simple to disconnect it, using the refrigerator container as usual.


The considered category of container is ideally suited for the solution of such tasks:

  • Transportation of products which quickly spoil.
  • For the organization of a street or internal warehouse (cold, warm).
  • As the universal decision, that is not only the climatic, but also ordinary container.

As you can see, acquisition or rent of such installation can be demanded in a number of cases. If need for its continuous use isn't present, it is better to lease the container in our company.

Where to buy?

Sale of refrigerator container installations - the most important area of work of our company. If you are interested in the offer of this category, you can examine an available choice of options according to the catalog on the site, specify the interesting questions at the manager and make a choice. Available is both the new, and being in the use installations. All at containers would be in excellent technical condition and have a solid working resource.


The cost of goods depends on a number of factors, among which:

  • The condition of the container - new is always been more expensive, than second-hand with similar parameters.
  • The sizes - among available options of model on 20, 40,45 foots, and 45-tifutovika are the most expensive.
  • The producer - the containers Carrier, Thermo King, other world famous brands always are more expensive than containers of anonymous trademarks.

To learn the exact cost of the ready decision, simply call us - and the manager of the ATK Terminal company will make necessary calculations.

Additional services

If it is required, we are ready to carry out pre-sale preparation, to execute re-equipment of container under yours business of the purpose. Under the warehouses convenient to loading and unloading platforms you can examine examples of the reorganized functional decisions, the converted containers in a portfolio.

On all questions also address by phones provided below or order a free call

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