5 tons

You need 5 ton container in St. Petersburg or Moscow? Address in the ATK Terminal. Available you will be able to receive the last minute information about production at our phone managers:8 800 555 37 83.

To find the information on tare interesting you and to select 5 ton container from the region you will be able according to the directory. There is a tare of other types - on 3 tons, 20 or 40 foots, categories the tank and реф. In your region there will be any required quantity of 5-tonnik - ring! Also you can leave requests and questions on our site through the form of back coupling.

In the ATK Terminal you can sell, buy or lease the container of 5 tons. Quality steel is applied to manufacture of tare and strong a channel. Characteristics of tare:

  • external overall dimensions 2,4 x 2,1 x 2,65 m;
  • internal samplings 2,28 x 1,95 x 2,515 m;
  • door 2,128 x 1,95 m;
  • maximum loading of 3,8 t;
  • volume is 10,4 m3.

If you need the help in a tare choice, simply call or write to experts of the ATK Terminal. We always in touch are also ready to answer your questions.

Container 5-ton: features

Five-ton containers are manufactured of profiled steel of high strength and supplied with a special frame. The frame safely protects construction from overloads, damages.

In a pyatitonnik it is possible to transport loads weighing up to 3800 kg. All goods will be safely protected from moisture, dust, vandalism during all process of transportation. Construction is equipped with the modern locks, gate, can go with high-quality seal. Special mechanisms significantly simplify processes of loading unloading on any kind of transport.

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