40 foot

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We buy , sell and rent containers of 40 feet. This type of packaging is versatile and suitable for road, rail and sea transport. Any number of packaging within the categories at an affordable price in your area - it's real: call!

Our company offers you the opportunity to view and purchase the 40-foot container or its closest analogues on the parameters of natural wooden frame. Such structures can be used for various purposes, for the storage of crops, or other goods, small, but very heavy. It is noteworthy that in our range are also available containers for transporting food over long distances. An important feature of such structures is that they are securely closed by a lock, so any product that they are transported by any mode of transport, secure. It will not fall out and does not deform under way.

Technical and operational features 40 foot:

  1. Are ideally suited for heavy and nonstandard (with larger dimensions) freights.
  2. Conform to the standard 2 TEU.
  3. Loading capacity is 26-28 t.

We bring to your attention 40-foot containers:

  1. Reference class.
  2. With the increased height.
  3. With open top.
  4. With cooling (other name a refkonteyner).

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Standarty 40 foot

Cannot decide on a choice? Ask us after all we understand a question on all hundred. Also we recommend to study data of the table on containers of 40 foots.

40 foot are tight, reliably protect freights from hit of moisture and dust from the outside. They have a design, prime, reliable, resistant in relation to mechanical loadings. Components: cover, walls (face, side), steel framework. One face wall has an appearance of gate with the shutters opening outside there are locking mechanisms.

The wide range of containers of different volume is available presented.

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