3 tons

You are interested in the container 3 of tons? Our company is ready to provide the number of containers required to the customer in its region. For receiving up-to-date information communicate with our phone managers: 8 800 555 37 83.

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Containers with a maximum capacity of 3 tons are ideal for transportation of goods to any distance. Package 3 tonnes meets the standards of ISO and GOST - each design are censored. We offer you the containers passed certification - long-lasting, durable, reliable and functional.

ATK Terminal offers to sell , buy or rent a 3 - ton container . Its characteristics :

  • 2,4 x 1,325 x 2,1m - outside samplings;
  • 2,128 x 1,2225 x 1,93m - internal overall dimensions;
  • 1,225 x 1,93m - doorway parameters;
  • 2,4t - admissible norm of loading;
  • 5,6m3 - volume.

You don't need to understand long a question to make a right choice: we are ready to pick up for you the optimum container of 3 tons.

3 - tonner : Features

Container 3 tons can go in different versions - if the indicators are constant width and length , the height may be different ( 2200-2600 mm). Material - high-strength steel , have to be ribs , solid frame , otherwise the structure will deform and can not reliably protect the goods.

Buy container 3 tons today we can, regardless of the available budget - the cost of the container is more than affordable. Its main features & ndash; compact, can be installed on any type of vehicle. For storage you do not need a lot of free space.

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