20 foot

To learn current information about  20-foot shipping containers simply call us by phone 8 800 555 37 83. Also you can leave online the request for purchase, sale or rent of a 20-foot container.

All information about 20-foot containers is provided in catalogue. If you have questions or it will be necessary to specify the necessary quantity simply call us: +7 (812) 332-52-32 (St. Petersburg), +7 (495) 662-58-38 (Moscow).

In ATK Terminal you can buy or rent a 20-foot container in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia for railway, sea or motor transportation. We guarantee you the most favorable financial conditions of cooperation.

A 20-foot container is:

  • the most widespread tare for cargo transportation;
  • compliance to the TEU standards;
  • an ideal choice for bulky heavy-weight goods;
  • opportunity to transport goods weighing 20-30 t.

ATK Terminal offers to sell, buy or rent any type of 20-foot containers:

  1. The reinforced.
  2. Standard.
  3. With the refrigeration unit.
  4. Sea.
  5. With open top.

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